Tuesday, October 12, 2010

What's up Brisbane? Qpac Lego Men

So the novelty of Brisbane's torrential rain has well and truly worn off, the thought of sloshing around in rain soaked shoes for another day, that is if you dare to step outside your front door, makes me cringe. So to lighten the mood and save my shoes, take a look at the work of Melbourne based street collective, Cornelius Brown. Cornelius Brown installed  giant crate men on the Qpac building as part of the Brisbane Festival, comprised of milk crates held together with zip ties, the crate men are like the cheeky toys that come alive after the children go to bed.

This story was originally supposed to be an interview, but it didn't really turn out that way, The Cornelius Brown Collective prefer not to theorize extensively about their work, feeling that this would negate meaning away from the art, they prefer to let the images speak for themselves. Usually I, who am a firm believer in there is a theory behind everything, would disagree, but this time I don't.  Who cares who the people behind Cornelius Brown are really? Does that change the meaning or the effectiveness of their artwork? I don't think it does, but regardless let's just look at the images. Enjoy!

Some of Cornelius Browns previous work.....

Crate sphere via corneliusbrn 

Crate men at vic park via corneliusbrn

Help a friend on flinders st via corneliusbrn

Help a friend on flinders st via corneliusbrn 

Block heads via corneliusbrn
All images are by Art Collective unless otherwise stated.

bonne journée


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