Friday, September 3, 2010

Edward Woodley at Nine Lives

Walk into Nine Lives Gallery at the moment and expect to be overwhelmed by 'Surface Tension', the new exhibition from Sydney based artist, Edward Woodley.

Physically overwhelming is one feeling arising from the exhibition, upon walking into the space you are visually hit in the face with what appears to be a massive billboard, taking up the entire wall, from floor to ceiling. The first glance of the work leads you to believe it is one giant work, however once your eyes get over the first initial shock, you process what you are looking at is numerous works pieced together in a grid like fashion. Each separate  piece of the grid is a fragmented brand or logo, some are manipulated in colour and are not entirely mimetic to their original representations, but they retain the fundamental font of the brand.

It is interesting Woodley entitled this exhibition  'Surface Tension'; it seems such an appropriate name for the tension which arises out  of identification. This makes the work mentally overwhelming, it challenges the viewer to contemplate the process, to mentally piece together the fragments.  Rol' becomes Rolo, 'okies'; Pokies and 'Chee'; Cheetos. It is evidence against anyone who claims advertising has no affect on them.

But what exactly are you buying? The work is not just straight undiluted advertising, it plays on your preferences. Like Andy Warhols Campbell Soup Cans it poses the question, do you purchase a work for aesthetic taste or make a selection according to your preference for a particular brand? It is an interesting concept. Edward Woodley is exhibiting 'Surface Tension' at Nine Lives Gallery until September 14th.

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  1. sounds very cool, i'd like to see a photo of the work or the space at least it would be nice, though im sure your point is for people to go see it i can't i say more photos!
    i'm loving the variety of work you're assessing here it's great to see you're not biased to one type of art and reviewing them side-by-side is a great way to really represent the art scene as a whole for brisbane.
    well done steph!!

  2. I too like to look at a variety of art. The pictures sounds like it would be something great to see.

    Tina D